Hunter hunting along a marsh

Adam Tucker


  • Date Taken: 11/17/2021
  • Time Of Day: Evening
  • Method: Rifle
  • Official Score: 138
  • County: Calhoun County
  • Property: Private
  • Type of Photo: Deer

28 years waiting for a deer this size to walk out!! Absolutely made my 2021 season perfect… He walked over the hill around 80 yards South, walking right towards my blind. Calm, rainy night and I see a grey/white cat run in front my blind to the woods just East of me. Ran about 40 yards down the lane and cut straight out into the field towards the deer. They were about a foot apart, nose to nose, the buck let a grunt stepping towards the cat and the cat ran off. Thankfully… He kept walking Northwest towards me, got 30 yards away and the 450 barked. It stunned him with a loud grunt, stumbled 4 short steps and fell backwards. Only wish I had it all on video.