Bill Haas


  • Date Taken: 10/08/2019
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Compound Bow
  • Number of Points: 4
  • County: Tuscola County
  • Property: Public
  • Type of Photo: Deer

The coolest story I’ve had hunting…it was about 8:32 in the morning and I decide to look down to go on my phone to check the mibuckpole posts to see if anyone had luck yet..when I look up there is a huge coyote at 12 yards looking away,  sItart to go for my bow and somehow hes catches a little movement and kinda trots out to 60 yards and starts lookin back.. I quickly let out some fawn distress bleats on my extinguisher grunt call and he kinda got curious but trots out into the woods….well 10 mins later after nonstop praying that yote comes back so I can save some fawns the sun starts beating me in the face so I look to my left and I see 2 eyes and a face shooting lasers beams at me…this buck came to a fawn distress…at the time I couldn’t tell it was a buck because of the sun, i was literally was going cross eyed trying to determine if it was a buck or a doe, I assumed it was a doe coming to a fawn call…he took a couple steps out of the woods and is being really nervous because that coyote was just there…so he decides hes not going to come down the trail and kinda creeps off to an adjacent one and stops with all of his body broadside behind a pine tree staring me down looking for that coyote…well I now spot a bit of antler on him but couldn’t tell how big, I come to full draw and and leaning back and forth trying to get the sun out of my eyes and find a gap in the pine that allows me to see more than just his butt…well luckily I had found a 4 inch hole in the pine…its now the moment of truth I have a 4 inch gap in a tree to slip my arrow though and hit what i thought was his vitals…heart racing I let it fly and hear that lovely thud, I go to get my wife and baby to help with the track job unsure of my shot because of the gap i had to slip it through ansdthe range I had to guess…well needless to say, 24 yards through a 4 inch gap in a pine tree when all i could get a clear look at was his butt i blew his heart and both lungs out…everything worked out perfectly, thanks to a coyote and a fawn bleat that brought a curious buck in