Hunter hunting along a marsh

Brandan Roberts


  • Date Taken: 11/24/2023
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Rifle
  • Number of Points: 8
  • County: Livingston County
  • Property: Private

Saw this buck walk in around 8:50 am at 150 yards. Put a shot in him and saw him mule kick and run into some thick brush. I called my family to let them know and as I was calling I saw him walking back out of the brush into the same spot I just shot him. (This shot ended up being a single lung hit). I put a second round in him and it immediately dropped him. I called my family back and as I was on the phone I saw him stand back up and walk up to 100 yards. As he was walking I put a 3rd shot in him. He walked about 10 yards bedded down for about 30 seconds. Then walked another 10 yards and bedded down for 30 seconds. He then walked out of view. I went to look a few hours later and barely found blood. (Few drops) and got very worried the neighbors came out to help look. I pulled out for the day and came back later on to find more blood which lead to him bedded down alive. We pulled out again until morning and went to where he was bedded the night before to my surprise he was still alive in the exact same spot and I put one more shot on him to finish him. This deer took 2 chest cavity shots that hit the left lung and had 6-7 softball size blood clots in his chest cavity and was still alive. Wish it could have been quicker but to have the opportunity at a buck of this caliber was amazing.