Hunter hunting along a marsh

Cody King


  • Date Taken: 11/17/2021
  • Time Of Day: Evening
  • Method: Rifle
  • County: Gladwin County
  • Property: Public

Still hunted a ridge in between a few swamps walked down to a point saw nothing came back towards main trail had three doe on a b-line to me . They ran into 20 yards caught my ground scent started slowly walking towards the direction I came from . They kept looking to the right into the swamp so I waited as they walked down to about 100yrds they stopped started browsing around . Then I heard movement down below in the swamp shifted over seen group of doe headed towards the group that just came by . All in line was 6 more doe cutting across about 100yrds away to come up the ridge . The last was a buck nose down mouth open . Was gonna give him a pass. till he gave me a clear view of him thru a opening let him walk to the next clearing and it was over from there 3006 did the rest . Ran towards me 40yrds and jumped up into a tree hung there for a minute and expired there then the tree broke and he crashed back to earth. I’ve looked over this section of woods all year never thought about hunting it but jumped into it opener day. Walked back almost 1.5 miles found to old wooden broken platforms in the tree’s and thought to my self they were here for a reason . Didn’t notice till after I shot I was standing at the base where one of the old tree .platform was . Will be throwing a set up next to that old stand this next season .

* tag was on him till I hung him . took it off new lab puppy wanted it and it was a mailed paper one would have lasted with her . I always put my tags on them on the deer mount for display in the house .