Hunter hunting along a marsh

Dale Barnhart


  • Date Taken: 10/23/2021
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Crossbow
  • County: Oakland County
  • Property: Public
  • Dressed Weight: 150

I got out there very late. I slept past my alarm and woke up at 6:41. When I woke up It felt like a dagger going through my heart but it was raining so I knew I might be okay. I got in the stand at 7:15. He came through around 9am at 20 yard to my right but couldn’t get a shot because of how thick it was. So when he got to about 50 yards I grunted and he lifted his tail up so I knew he heard me. There was a bedding area that he circled and he snuck in on my right at 9:30am to my left at 10 yards and let my arrow fly. He got on the road and Dove off into a ditch out of sight. Easiest drag job ever. Got to love whitetail hunting.