Hunter hunting along a marsh

Derek Roblyer


  • Date Taken: 11/17/2020
  • Time Of Day: Evening
  • Official Score: NA
  • County: Van Buren County
  • Property: Private
  • Dressed Weight: NA

After trying to do everything right and having nothing but bad luck all bow season and now gun season, I was able to harvest my first buck after 18 years of hunting. I decided to hunt the other side of my property, where I had seen an old stand hanging at the end of last season, I purchased the property 2 years ago. I headed out with a handful of screw in steps and a couple ratchet straps. I got everything set up as I made my way into the stand, I was getting settled in when I heard a couple grunts. Figuring it was my neighbor doing some calling I brushed it off. Then, I saw a doe cross my creek and thought to myself “oh… this might get real.” Thats when he crossed behind her, hot on her tail, chasing her across the creek and through the thick swamp brush. They ran back into the creek and disappeared. A couple minutes later she popped back out not 40 yards to my south, then quickly dove back in. A few short moments later he came out after her and paused for a split second, just long enough for me to squeeze the trigger. I was sure I missed as the creek water splashed up behind him and he hardly flinched. To my amazement, he then took a handful of staggered steps and tipped over! I thought he was a nice 8 point but on approach I saw he had split browtines and a kicker off his right G2. An amazing first buck and a buck of a lifetime.