Hunter hunting along a marsh

Gabriel M


  • Date Taken: 09/10/2022
  • Time Of Day: Evening
  • Method: Rifle
  • Number of Points: 8
  • County: Sanilac County
  • Property: Private

I was hunting with my dad and we seen two bucks heading our way. I immediately got ready because it was only 25 minutes until shooting hours were up. One buck started heading my way but took a turn and headed towards my big brother. We texted him to let him know he had one coming his way. Next thing you know we hear the shot and I was stoked for my big brother. We look back out and the other buck is coming closer to me. I get ready and get on him, after he clears some trees and gives me a shot I let him have it. Just four minutes after my big brother took down his, I get my very first “Man Buck”!! They both were still in velvet! What a night to remember!