Garrett Gillespie


  • Date Taken: 09/12/2020
  • Time Of Day: Midday
  • Number of Points: 9
  • County: Leelanau County
  • Property: Private
  • Type of Photo: Deer
  • Dressed Weight: N/A

Youth Hunt.
Garrett first saw the buck from the pop up blind at 3:30. 30 yds walking eating acorns. Broadside and wide open. He said “deer” calmly. I was seated behind him. I looked over. OMG! He handed me his cell phone, put on his shooting glasses, and I had to hand him his rifle. He finally got ready w/the shooting sticks. I told him to get on the buck sternly, as he was waking away. Now 45 yds in the Oaks. Waiting for a shot. Waiting, finally broadside. Then he turns, and asks, if we need to pull the ear muffs out of the back pack and wear them? Ha. by now, I’m surprised the buck had not ran off. I said NO, let’s go ahead and shoot this buck.
9 pt, 17″ inside spread
Age 4.5 years
TC WEST, 8th Grade