Hunter hunting along a marsh

Jacob Breseman


  • Date Taken: 05/08/2022
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Shotgun
  • County: Cass County
  • Property: Private
  • Type of Photo: Turkey
  • Dressed Weight: 19

Went to my dads Dale Breseman Friday after went and scouted seen two toms and to hens go into the roost and we sat there the next morning had them at 65 yards and had my face mask on inside out to they seen the white and never came closer so that evening we went to another property and the turkeys were in the field already so we left and went scouting again. One of the two toms was in the corn field with a hen so we sat were they went in the woods this morning and called them to one hundred yards watched them for 45 mins and nothing after that’s they circled back behind is and were in the field about 200 yards down so my dad looked at me and said we might be able to reach them if we walked the irrigation ditch between the woods and the field so we did in almost need high water got about 60 yards away and sat in mud and water cause we couldn’t get any further with two down trees and the hen was at 5 ft from us clucking she knew we was there so here came my Tom and the other my dad said we are going to 123 and shoot well he said three and I jumped up and first shot instantly and my dad missed that’s all she wrote not my biggest from weight but with three beards 17 inches weight 19 pounds spurs 1 inch total score to scoring calculator was 73 points