Hunter hunting along a marsh

Jamie Campbell


  • Date Taken: 04/17/2021
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Shotgun
  • County: Berrien County
  • Property: Private
  • Dressed Weight: 23.7

I still don’t have many words to describe this morning. Epic is the closest.

I’ve never been covered in so many birds let alone Toms.

We had a huge flock enter the field behind my setup just after daylight. Watching them strut and fight was torture. They would respond to my calls but wouldn’t break free from those hens.

I had my dad with me so I wanted to basically go all in, take the risk, accept the challenge. So I grabbed my slate call and gave a nice series of soft yelps, followed by some pretty sexy purring.. I’ve never seen dad get so excited when they turned our way and ran across the field.

I was shocked they broke from the hens to see what was up. One nice Tom and a hen lead the group to the tree line about 50 or so yards west of us. The hen was aggressive and aggravated so I did something my other pops always loved to do, get aggressive back… she was on fire. I fought with her long enough to pull that entire flock to my back door.

After calling aggressively, I lead into some more soft purrs, and I tell you that woods was vibrating. 7 toms, 7, all gobbling and one in each direction. I had no idea who to choose lol.

By this time I was on my knees, infront of my dad trying to get a shot from his side. Free holding my mossberg, I waited for him to free the fence line and present himself for a 32 yard shot. Gave him a natural voice yelp and that 20 gauge took another longbeard.

The look on my dads face when I turned around and gave him the ultimate arm in the air, we did it…. was priceless. It’s exactly what I wanted to happen.

My dad finally sees why chasing these birds is such a passion to me.. and anything everything turkey.

Today topped all my books. Every turkey hunt is magical but each one holds a special memory over another.

Thank you dad for experiencing what makes my heart beat🦃❤

23.7 pounds, 10″ beard, 3/4″spurs. To me this bird means the world🥰