Hunter hunting along a marsh

Ken Barbier


  • Date Taken: 11/16/2023
  • Time Of Day: Evening
  • Method: Rifle
  • Number of Points: 0.9
  • County: St. Clair County
  • Property: Private
  • Dressed Weight: 170

Went out with my dad in the opener and sat in the same blind a fun tradition we have. But the next day dad hurt his foot in the morning and called me and said he wasn’t going out. So I took out my car and sat under a big apple tree and had does come 10 feet from me and they had know idea I was there. And then the walked off and next thing you know I had this guy 20 yards from me a knew we hat deer he was right away. The 450 put him down in his tracks. Awesome season and thanks dad. Lol