Hunter hunting along a marsh

Margaret Minock


  • Date Taken: 11/15/2021
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Rifle
  • Official Score: N/a
  • County: Livingston County
  • Property: Public
  • Dressed Weight: 130

Had to move my stand after bow season so my husband had a spot picked out an realized there was another hunter 100 yards from me so he told me go find a spot with good sign to put my stand in since where he wanted to go there was already a stand set up where we were going to go so i went looking for a good spot and I found a good spot with a rubline and lots of tracks with a swamp on my right which is where we were going to go originally and field I front of me and bedding on my left I found a spot I believed was going to be good fresh tracks and rubs on rubline so we set my stand 2 days ago and I sat it last night in the cold snow rain mix …. so I could mark my way in and out for opening morning I did not see anything last night so I was not sure what was roaming in the area so I went in blind sided not knowing what was near but I had a good feeling about this spot so I decided to go there this am and it paid off I had a button buck at 15 yards from my stand on my right and then less than 10 minutes later I saw him working his way towards me near that rubline he came in at 50 yards and I shot him with my brand new 450 bushmaster short barrel muddy girl pink camo addition I thought he was a 7 or 8 point and I knew he was big enough for my restricted tag so I let my gun rip and do the work it was intended for we found good blood about 30-40 yards from where I shot him but then it trickled of and was just a spot here and there but we did not give up and we found him and when we walked up I was surprised to find my state land 10 pt
I am so excited and happy ….. he is my first opening day buck and on state land let alone to be a 10 pt …..I am so thankful and blessed to have harvested 2 bucks off this state land one in early Bow he was a wierd 4 pt with 3 on 1 side and 1 on the other and one I shot one today who I thought was only a 7 or 8 but when we found him he was actually actually 10 pt the crazy part of this story is both bucks I harvested were o