Hunter hunting along a marsh

Matthew Christopher


  • Date Taken: 11/19/2023
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Rifle
  • Number of Points: 10
  • County: St. Clair County
  • Property: Public
  • Dressed Weight: 156

Brother and I had a great weekend on the local state land. Hot does had a bunch of bucks running around everywhere. He started it off Saturday morning with a nice 8 10 min after legal light and seeing 11 or so different bucks (including the one I took) 3 others being bigger mature bucks. I snuck into the same spot Sunday morning and at 8 I saw this guy coming in. He was cruising with his nose to the ground. I tried to get him to come in as he was angling into the thicket in front of me with some grunts but after stopping twice and looking for a few seconds before continuing on I threw a snort wheeze at him. He stopped dead in his tracks, bristled up and started pawing the ground. He turned and came right in. 40yd shot with the bushmaster put the hurt on him and he made it about 10yds before going down. Good luck to everyone still after them!!