Molly Rinckey


  • Date Taken: 05/09/2021
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Shotgun
  • County: Kent County
  • Property: Private
  • Type of Photo: Turkey
  • Dressed Weight: 20lbs

This Tom has hung around the property surrounding my dad’s house for a few years and managed to elude us all. Saturday morning, I sneaked into a ground blind 60 yards from his roost, he aggressively gobbled back to my calls but just wouldn’t come over the hill. Two Jakes, and two hens, came and went. He slowly inched closer at full strut, walking in circles for more than 20 minutes, after an hour and a half of aggressive gobbling, he finally took two steps into an opening 38 yards away and I squeezed the trigger at 7:30am. What an exciting hunt!