Hunter hunting along a marsh

Nicholas Padula


  • Date Taken: 12/12/2020
  • Time Of Day: Morning
  • Method: Muzzleloader
  • Official Score: 147 7/8
  • County: Ingham County
  • Property: Private
  • Type of Photo: Deer
  • Dressed Weight: 200

It was raining and I didn’t want to go out but my friend Wayne talked me into going. We sat together in a shack over looking two soybean fields. Goal was to shoot a doe for both of us because it was getting to the end of the season. This buck I’ve had on camera all season and had one daytime encounter with him during bow. At first light, a group of does come out and I was getting ready to shoot. Wayne says “let’s wait, no rush” so I drop the hammer down and we wait. Hour goes by, Wayne looks over my shoulder out the window I’m supposed to be watching and just sees horns through the trees on the tree line we are set up on. He says “I see your buck, get ready.” In disbelief, I turn lethargically and realize the buck is only 40 yards away. We switch seats for a better vantage point, while the deer is walking away, I give a couple grunts and he stops at 80 yards and turns on a 90 degree and out into the clearing of a crp field. Pull the hammer back, take one last breath to steady my nerves and squeeze the trigger. Huge puff of smoke, and now deer to be seen. I had no idea what happened but Wayne was certain I dropped him. Lone and behold, we get within 10 yards of where he was through the crp and he was down right there. My biggest buck ever. Wayne calls himself my GOOD-LUCK CHARM every where we go.