Sebastian Gooch


  • Date Taken: 09/11/2021
  • Time Of Day: Evening
  • Method: Muzzleloader
  • Number of Points: 8
  • County: Lapeer County
  • Property: Public
  • Type of Photo: Deer

Went out to our spot and set up around 2pm. It’s close to bedding so we set up early for the evening hunts and deer don’t move during the morning there. Sat and relaxed until about 725 and the deer started funneling into the field. First 2 deer were a fawn and a velvet 4 point. They were spooky and didn’t stick around but for a minute. Then he came out and thought he was a 6. He decided he want to take a shot and smoked him! He ran about 40-50 yards and fell! Gave him about 20 minutes and walked up to be surprised that he was an 8! He shot him at 64 yards. First deer. Third year hunting. “He’s missed a couple” lol! I’m proud of him and he is definitely hooked!