jeremy_strickland_11_14_11_wayne_8ptI decided to hunt the 14th of November. I figured the bucks were locked up with girlfriends and it was unseasonably warm so I didn’t expect much but I wanted to tag out before gun season. I went for my morning hunt and got in my tree around 5:30AM, the woods were quiet until about 7:30 when I had a little doe come by to get the blood pumping. I watched her for about 15 minutes until she got spooked off and I wasn’t sure why. About 20 minutes later two does came in and kept looking back so I grabbed the ole trusty bow, locked on the release and there he was following them in at about 60 yards from me. The blood was really pumping now as they kept walking my way. He was right on their tails until they stopped at 25 yards out. The does looked back again and by that time I was coming to full draw. My buck was broadside and then I heard that comforting sound, THWAAACK! He bolted like he was struck by lightning but he didn’t run but 50 yards. Double lung. Biggest deer to date, close to 150 and the main beams are 25″ long.
-Jeremy Strickland