Let ’em go, Let ’em grow…

dawn_bauerI saw this buck on our 10 acres during the 2011 bow season and my husband told me to pass him up as next year he would be bigger and score better. In 2011 he was likely in the 110 – 115 class. The 2011 season was a challenge because he was in range from me three times and I decided to pass him up. We watched him all summer and I was hoping to be able to get a chance at him in the 2012 season. Passing him up paid off as his G1 and G2’s had grown about an inch and a half.
I was sitting in our elevated blind on October 8 and saw him. He was in range at about 15 yards away but did not give me a good shot. My husband was getting ready for work and watching from the house. He was texting me to ask if it was him and to shoot him! I told him I didn’t have a good shot and that he was facing me straight on. I didn’t feel comfortable shooting him in the chest and missing. It seemed like he stood there forever but a few minutes later he wound up running out of range because other deer in the area got spooked and ran. I watched him for a few more minutes hoping he would come back but he didn’t. I thought about him all weekend and prayed that I would get another shot at him.
The following Monday I was out again and saw him twice. The second time he was about 35 yards out and gave me a shot! The shot was a little low but he only ran about 75 yards. I was shaking and my heart was pounding. I called my husband and said, “I got him, I got him”!!! He left work to come home and help me track him and drag him to the house. I was so excited and seeing my husband so excited for me made it even better. I am waiting on my mount to come back. I am so excited to have this be my first bow kill!
-Dawn Bauer – Ingham County, MI